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Employee leave schedule, teleworking
Export to payroll at the end of the month
Expense, meal tickets counting

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At first glance, the features that attract attention consist of the automation of the leave process...But working time management is a complex subject, JOUROFF also offers advanced features, namely :

º Automatic carry-over of leave balances, from one period to another
º Counting of meal tickets, depending on the leave taken
º Operation on leave counter. Ex : Adjustment in the form of debit or credit
º Profile and visibility of leave counters, depending on the employee's contract
º Counter dedicated to day-package employees
º You create as many leaves counters as necessary...
Ex: Teleworking, seniority leave, etc.

Staff leave schedule

Control the schedule of employees leave and absences. The JOUROFF Software also makes it possible to highlight public holidays.

Leave planning

Annual schedule of holidays

We offer you the possibility to visualize over a full year, the planning of holidays for a better work organization.

Annual planning

Paid leave calculation rules

When setting up the JOUROFF leave software, the manager sets up the parameters that correspond to the constraints of the company :

Rules for calculating leave counters
Leave management working days
Leave of part-time employees
Number of days of paid vacation per month
Export leave and absences to payroll software
I go on leave, I delegate the validation to another colleague Manager


Seniority leave

Some collective agreements provide seniority leave for employees meeting a certain number of criteria.
The first condition being the date of seniority in the company, but in other cases, the Age criterion is included for granting additional leave for seniority.

The JOUROFF software gives you the possibility to set up rules dynamically.
These rules are based on the socio-professional category of each employee according to the provisions of your collective agreement.
The following table shows the rules of seniority leave to be automated via the holiday software.

Status of the Employee
Number of days off
Worker employee
+ 5 years and under 10 years
2 days
Worker employee
+ 10 years
3 days
+ 5 years and under 10 years
4 days
more than 10 years
5 days

Paid leave validation

As an administrator I can consult the Management Space assigned to each Manager :

Leave pending validation
Validation members
Delegation Managers

Export leave balance

The JOUROFF software gives you the ability to customize the file format to export leave balances :
Header, date format etc.
You define the order of the columns by dragging and dropping
Your file is customizable, you can import your leave into any Payroll Software.
Through this procedure, the leave software ensures compatibility with most payroll software.

Leave and employees with days package contract

Thanks to our Reporting tool, we highlight, on the one hand, the days actually worked, and on the other hand, days of leave taken by the employee.

The JOUROFF software gives you an overview that allows :
to master the legal periods of taking leave
to control the contracts of the employees with the fixed days
to better organize the team planning, following the peaks of activity


Some practical cases for leave management

Paid leave working days and business days

In French legislation paid leave can be managed in two ways. Namely : working days or business days.
It should be noted that business days are all days of the week with the exception of public holidays and the weekly rest day (usually Sunday).

Calculation of paid leave

From the moment you have been able to determine your situation according to the working days or business days modes, the calculation of paid leave is quite simple.
The basic rule is that the counting process will be the first day the employee should have worked, and then every business day is counted until work back.
In other words, the calculation of leave is based on the number of working days included in the leave period.
The purpose of the leave software is to completely automate the process of managing leave, starting from the declaration of dates by the employee to the calculation of the leave balances.

Part-time leave account

Part-time employees do not escape the rule of calculation presented above.
On the one hand, the rule of acquiring paid leave for part-time employees remains the same as for full-time employees, however, the calculation of days of paid leave is based on the number of working or working days included in the leave period, including days not worked for part-time work.
However, you can also estimate part-time leave entitlements in proportion to the number of days worked.

All these rules for calculating holidays can be complex and time-consuming, which is why the JOUROFF leave software offers you a space in which you define the basic rules, then the leave software takes care of the rest.