Employee working hours management software

Working time software automates the monitoring of hours worked...Our working hours software has the advantage of integrating several components.

A panel of HR and working time tools in a single software for tracking hours :

Employee working time management for HR monitoring
Management of annualized working hours
Working time software for analytical monitoring of time spent
Monitoring of increased working time and calculation of overtime
Time spent tracking by activity
Progress monitoring and project monitoring indicators
Project budget monitoring: Cost price, invoicing on time spent

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Work time management software - what is it ?

JOUROFF is a working time management software that offers a very wide range of time tracking tools.
As well the working time in terms of human resources management, or the monitoring of working hours by activity.
Indeed, employees have an HR portal with several modules, starting with planning monitoring, management of leaves and absences, as well as management of overtime.

Thanks to our solution, managing the working time of employees becomes very easy insofar as the management of working time requires several components, both in terms of human resources and in terms of managing the time attributable to each activity.
For companies wishing to set up analytical time spent tracking, the JOUROFF time recording software offers an intuitive approach to working time management.
This time management methodology allows you to define your activity management database, so as to effectively represent your company's work organization.

To effectively meet your need for digitizing working hours, it is important to identify the case in which you find yourself :
Are employees autonomous to enter working hours ?
Conversely, it is the HR managers who can enter working hours into the HR software
In the case of an entry by employees, is the working time monitoring subject to validation ?
Is the management of paid leave and absences part of the scope of the functionalities to be retained ?
Should the hours management software take into account annualized contracts or the modulation of working time ?
Is there a need to extract the payroll working time variables at the end of the month ?
Does the management of working time pass through a mobile application for more autonomy for the employees ?
Should the working time software allow the declaration of meal bonuses ?

Overtime monitoring by the hours management software

For monitoring overtime, the working hours management software offers two (2) calculation methods.

(1) Calculation of overtime through the timesheet and activities :
In this approach, employees declare the hours worked per week.
Then the working time software counts the overtime hours.
This is done via the timesheet space of the time tracking software.
The advantage of such an approach is that the entry of working time in the hr software, can also be used to manage time for the annualization of working time, in the event that your company manages annualized contracts.
Annualization is very popular in companies that have a seasonal activity requiring to adjust working time.
Note that the annualization of working time implies the signing of an annualization agreement between the company and the employee representatives.

(2) The employee directly declares overtime hours week by week :
In this case, the employees directly declare the overtime that they believe they have worked.
This approach avoids having to enter the total hours worked, because the calculation of overtime is based directly on the employee's declaration.
At the same time, the employer can reject or validate the hours sheet submitted by the employee.

Configuration of overtime management rules :

Regarding the calculation of hours, it will be necessary to specify the conditions for counting the hours worked beyond the contractual hours, according to the criteria :
º Threshold and increase for the Sunday worked (to recover or to pay ?)
º Threshold and increase for public holidays worked (to recover or to pay ?)
º Weekly threshold for triggering overtime to recover
º Weekly threshold for triggering overtime to be paid

Unless your collective agreement stipulates that overtime is paid, and that there is never any recovery of hours...
To give you an idea, in some companies the rule for calculating overtime is such as :
- from 35h to 43h => Recuperation of hours (compensatory rest)
- Beyond 43h => Payment for hours

What challenges for time tracking software ?

When you are interested in time management, the first reflex is to find one of the best time monitoring and management tools.
First of all, it is advisable to define its need well in order to retain the best software.
Indeed, in Time Management you can put several things in it, since the working time can also be the time for monitoring activity...and in some cases, the time for billing customers.
It is therefore important to determine if your need consists of managing working time in terms of human resources, project monitoring or both...
To simplify your task, the JOUROFF software offers an adaptable approach that allows you to model your information system for Human Resource Management or Activity Monitoring purposes.

Our time management tool can be applied in the following cases :

Management of working time
To manage the working time of employees on annualized contracts
Planning and monitoring of activities
Management of working time for the purpose of extracting payroll variables
Load plan management
Project Portfolio Management and Monitoring
The strength of our software is the guarantee of reliable scoring of hours worked

Calculation of hours of work and overtime

We offer a time management software that allows the calculation of overtime, while feeding a counter for the rest composing or overtime pay.

You manage the calculation of hours through the timesheet and activities or in the form of a direct declaration of overtime.

The most (+++) of JOUROFF:
Validation Process at a Weekly or Monthly Frequency
The Employee can save in draft mode to fill in his time sheet as and when
The calculation of the hours is completely automated
Synchronization between activity planning and work time calculation

Time management : what is it ?

In a business environment, time management is a set of HR tools and processes intended to monitor organizational indicators working time in the company.
Time management meets both organizational and administrative criteria, because from a legal point of view, each company has the obligation to enforce the legal working hours of employees.

In this context, we have developed a software which offers facilities in the management of the working time of the collaborators, while integrating the specificities of their contracts.
For example, our human resources management solution takes into account the monitoring of employees on a daily basis.
In this context the software offers a time entry interface in daily format.
In the same way, employees in hourly monitoring will be able to continue to charge their hours in weekly or monthly timesheets, in start time and end time format.

How to organize working time ?

It is up to each company to organize working time for all of its employees.
Depending on the area of activity of the company, there can be several work organization processes.
For example, a company that operates in the software publishing sector generally operates as a project...

In this context, the work is organized according to clearly defined subjects, with objectives to be achieved and a time allocation known in advance.
However, in most cases, the organization of working time is intended to be agile...In this context, the company is required to define a more or less long-term schedule...and be able to adapt it according to the priorities of the activity.
To gain efficiency, it is recommended to use an appropriate time management tool to automate the work organization process.

As a publisher of working time software, JOUROFF offers you a panel of HR time management tools...Among which :

The time management and project monitoring tool
JOUROFF offers a time management tool that allows you to manage a project time counter.
This time management involves modeling your activity. The objective is to set up your activity tracking database.

The tool for tracking the hours of annualization working time
This tool allows you to define, by employee, a provisional annual work time schedule.
In parallel, the time management tool offers an online timesheet type interface for entering working hours.
The employee can thus declare the hours worked independently.
Indeed, working time in a company must be managed intuitively in order to gain the support of employees.

Time management tool for accounting for overtime
Among the features offered by the time management tool, you will find an overtime accounting table allowing employees to control their working time quota.
The overtime management process involves setting the weekly thresholds according to the employee's contract.

Time management and resource planning tool
In some companies, the organization of work involves setting up a schedule to monitor working time.
The working time planning module is an integral part of the JOUROFF time management tool.
The goal is to offer you a wide range of HR time management tools to digitize all of your business processes.

Working time planning integrating payroll management
Payroll management involves taking into account working time indicators, on a monthly basis.
For this, payroll software on the market such as SILAE, SAGE or many others, offer interfacing with work time management software.
Very often, this is done in the form of an export on the HRIS software side, then an import on the Payroll side.
Some payroll software offers APIs as an IT connector, to facilitate the exchange of information between the HRIS portal and Payroll.
The advantage of an API is to free you from downloading and manually importing the exported file.

The fields of application of the time management software

JOUROFF is time tracking software that automates working time management procedures, from a human resources point of view or time tracking by activity.
As a result, you can compose your HRIS software la carte according to your needs. Our time tracking software can be used in the following different cases:

Time management for monitoring hours worked by activity or by project
Management of working time on the various activities declared within the company
Time spent tracking synchronized with the paid vacation table
Time management within the framework of the estimation of days of recovery working time.
Application of time management to monitor overtime and overtime.
Example: 35 hours to 43 hours, increase rate 25%, and beyond 43 hours, increase rate of 50%
timesheet software as part of the annualization of working time
Time management for monitoring hours worked, with working time modulation
Time management and implementation of an hour meter according to the weekly working time.
Example: Employee contract with an hourly volume of 36 h or 42 h per week
Time management for calculating working time and invoicing time spent per project
Time management for budget monitoring of projects
Time management in the context of piloting customer projects.

In the family of business time management software, there are specialized offers offering advanced functionalities in the field of time management with a time accounting dimension from a human resources point of view.
It therefore seems advantageous for a company that employs several employees to favor time management software that can combine these different aspects in order to facilitate the management of employees on a daily basis.

Try the software for free now to explore the different features of the time management software.
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Time management software features

HR settings
Application domain
Number of hours worked per week
Table followed by overtime, hourly calculation based on the employee's contractual hours.
Filling in the timesheet, then the time management tool feeds the hours table according to the weekly working time, and the setting of overtime thresholds.
Threshold for triggering overtime
The principle consists in setting the threshold, at the same time the time tracking tool automatically calculates the quota of overtime worked.
Here is an example with an employee working 35 hours per week:
1) Total hour entered in the timesheet 39h00
* Overtime Threshold1 = 39 h - 35 h = 4 h00
* Overtime with premium = 4 hours * 25/100 = 1 hour
* Total overtime hours = 4 hours + 1 hour = 5 hours

2) Total hour entered in the 45 h 00 timesheet
* Hours overtime Threshold1 = 43 hours - 35 hours = 8hours
* Hours overtime Threshold2 = 45 hours - 43 hours = 2 hours
Is 10 hours overtime
* Overtime with supplement = (8 hours * 25/100) + (2 * 50/100) = (2 h) + (1 h) = 3 h 00
* Total overtime = 10 hours + 3 hours = 13h00.
Threshold Additional Hour Sunday worked
Taking Sunday's work into account. This parameter allows the calculation and monitoring of hours worked on Sunday.
Overtime threshold on public holidays
Hourly follow-up and supplement when the employee works on public holidays
Calculation and monitoring of specific times
This is the monitoring of working hours after a certain hourly threshold.
For example from the 7th to the 11th hour, the time management tool calculates the hours by applying an increase according to the defined rate
The recovery of hours or compensatory rest
Possibility for the employee to retrieve the hours from his annual hour meter. The recovery of hours is subject to validation by the Manager.
Overtime remuneration
Management of an hour meter to view the overtime to be paid
Enter times / timesheet
Declaration of hours worked by the employee via the timesheet interface.
Validate timesheets
Possibility for the manager to validate employees' timesheets. The manager can reject the hours sheet or validate so that the employee is notified by email.
Volume of hours worked per year
The case of the annualization of working time. The number of hours per year makes it possible to monitor the indicators of hours worked as part of the annualization of working time
Nb. days worked per year
Management of employees in package days. The time management software enables the tracking of days worked per year, also, leaves and absences as part of the days package.
For example: Day package = 216, paid vacation to take = 30 working days, absences = 11 days.