Time management tool

Simplified time management thanks to a time tracking approach that integrates several components for efficient HR monitoring.

Multiple hr tools in one time management software :

Employee working time management
Time spent tracking by activity
Progress monitoring and project monitoring indicators
Project budget monitoring: Cost price, invoicing on time spent

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What challenges for time tracking software ?

When you are interested in time management, the first reflex is to find one of the best time monitoring and management tools.
First of all, it is advisable to define its need well in order to retain the best software.
Indeed, in Time Management you can put several things in it, since the working time can also be the time for monitoring activity...and in some cases, the time for billing customers.
It is therefore important to determine if your need consists of managing working time in terms of human resources, project monitoring or both...
To simplify your task, the JOUROFF software offers an adaptable approach that allows you to model your information system for Human Resource Management or Activity Monitoring purposes.

Our time management tool can be applied in the following cases :

Management of working time
Planning and monitoring of activities
Load plan management
Project Portfolio Management and Monitoring

Calculation of hours of work and overtime

We offer a time management software that allows the calculation of overtime, while feeding a counter for the rest composing or overtime pay.

You manage the calculation of hours through the timesheet and activities or in the form of a direct declaration of overtime.

The most (+++) of JOUROFF:
Validation Process at a Weekly or Monthly Frequency
The Employee can save in draft mode to fill in his time sheet as and when
The calculation of the hours is completely automated
Synchronization between activity planning and work time calculation

Time management : what is it ?

In a business environment, time management is a set of HR tools and processes intended to monitor organizational indicators working time in the company.
Time management meets both organizational and administrative criteria, because from a legal point of view, each company has the obligation to enforce the legal working hours of employees.

How to organize working time ?

It is up to each company to organize working time for all of its employees.
Depending on the area of activity of the company, there can be several work organization processes.
For example, a company that operates in the software publishing sector generally operates as a project...

In this context, the work is organized according to clearly defined subjects, with objectives to be achieved and a time allocation known in advance.
However, in most cases, the organization of working time is intended to be agile...In this context, the company is required to define a more or less long-term schedule...and be able to adapt it according to the priorities of the activity.
To gain efficiency, it is recommended to use an appropriate time management tool to automate the work organization process.

As a publisher of working time software, JOUROFF offers you a panel of HR time management tools...Among which :

The time management and project monitoring tool
JOUROFF offers a time management tool that allows you to manage a project time counter.
This time management involves modeling your activity. The objective is to set up your activity tracking database.

The tool for tracking the hours of annualization working time
This tool allows you to define, by employee, a provisional annual work time schedule.
In parallel, the time management tool offers an online timesheet type interface for entering working hours.
The employee can thus declare the hours worked independently.

Time management tool for accounting for overtime
Among the features offered by the time management tool, you will find an overtime accounting table.
The overtime management process involves setting the weekly thresholds according to the employee's contract.

Time management and resource planning tool
In some companies, the organization of work involves setting up a schedule to monitor working time.
The working time planning module is an integral part of the JOUROFF time management tool.
The goal is to offer you a wide range of HR time management tools to digitize all of your business processes.