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Modeling of activities and project portfolios
Time spent by activity and by resource
Budget monitoring and project invoicing
HR indicators: leave, recovery hours

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Why an adaptable data model ?

Thanks to the Internet, the software becomes a rapidly accessible web service...but this approach has a limit which is the real consideration of your profession !
At JOUROFF we first model your activity, thanks to an adaptable data format.

Not only do you benefit from a workload monitoring by project dashboard, but also from a process that allows you to efficiently organize information, such as: Project portfolio, project phase modeling, generic activities common to all projects etc.

The objective is to have a time monitoring dashboard that corresponds to your profession.

Project budget indicators monitoring tool

In addition to the workload monitoring aspect processed by our time management and project monitoring tool, the other part concerns budget monitoring of projects.
The project monitoring software offers a module for defining parameters such as salary rate or billing rate per resource.
These rates can be expressed in Hour, Day or Month units, in order to index them to the time spent.
The budget monitoring tool also offers advanced parameters of the Project type under management (directly indexed to the time spent)...or fixed-price project allowing a declaration in advance of the projected budget of the project.

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Analytical monitoring of time spent

In order to guarantee you a global vision in the management of your activities, JOUROFF PROJECT software offers an approach based on the breakdown of time spent.

JOUROFF as time tracking software

One of the essential components in project monitoring is the monitoring of time spent by resource.
Our time management tool is based on data modeling performed upstream in order to produce relevant indicators.

As described in the introduction, the first thing to do is to model your data model.
This goes through our data format in order to better represent your business.
This step highlights the types of resources managed by your information system.

Depending on your time and activity monitoring constraints, the JOUROFF project monitoring software offers the possibility of creating project portfolios representing clients or areas of expertise.
In these portfolios there are projects which can in turn be modeled in several phases.
The goal for the project monitoring software being the provision of a dashboard which allows to control the time spent by project, by collaborator or by activity.

Planning and recording of working hours

Our project monitoring tool is flexible...this is the reason why we provide you with three (3) ways of capturing past time.
The hours of work are entered via the tools :
Planning of activities
the task organization tool

In terms of task planning, project tracking software offers the Gantt chart to plan tasks over time.

Gantt Chart

Task Progress

Reporting & Analysis

The time management and reporting tool offers you graphs in the form of a pie chart or histogram, in order to have a global vision on the allocation of time spent.