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Calculation and management of overtime in 3 steps

Finished the excel formula for the calculation of the extra hours, the software JOUROFF allows automation of the overtime management process and markup.
From the declaration of hours by the employee to the export of the counters to an excel file.

Overtime management : what is it ?

Overtime represents the volume of hours worked beyond the weekly working time.
In France, the statutory weekly duration for a full-time employee is 35 hours.
However, working time arrangements may apply to work 37 or 39 hours, with the possibility of benefiting from a fixed or conventional compensatory rest.

Given the many specificities that exist according to collective agreements, the calculation of overtime can be complex and tedious.
This is why we have developed a powerful overtime software to simplify your task and save you time.

(1) I define the weekly working hours

(2) The employee declares his hours


(3) I export the synthesis to an excel file

How to calculate overtime ?

Overtime is referred to when the weekly working time is exceeded.
The situation of each employee must be assessed differently according to the working time stipulated in his employment contract.

The rules for calculating overtime are different according to the collective agreements of the companies.
The JOUROFF software offers a setting that allows you to adapt the management rules of your company, integrating work schedules, as well as any increases.

It is important to emphasize that the increase is not mandatory, it depends on the provisions of your collective agreement.
Your accountant can guide you to know the legislation that governs the hours in your sector of activity.

Accounting for overtime is done by calendar week, that is, the week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.
In case of increase, the software JOUROFF gives you the possibility to set up easily, time bands and applicable mark-up rates.

Calculation and time recording

The JOUROFF software offers you two ways to capture the hours.

(1) Through the timesheet and activities
Each employee declares his activity for the week, and the software is based on hours worked per activity to deduct overtime.

(2) Direct reporting of overtime
Another possible offered by the software is the direct declaration of overtime via the form.
This approach is suitable for companies that do not have time tracking constraints per activity.

Start and End time or according to the worked hourly volume

For companies that want to enter hours after the start time and the end time, this is done by a simple setting in the software.
You have the choice to report the hourly volume worked or specify the exact time.
Indeed, the JOUROFF software offers you flexible overtime management according to your constraints.

Overtime surcharge

The thresholds allow to determine overtime according to the hours worked by the employee.
According to the provisions of your collective agreement, it is possible to define overtime rates per hourly increment.
In the classic case without mark-up, only one threshold will be defined.

Example Threshold overtime :

(a) Overtime without mark-up :
Beyond : 35h, to : undefined
Rate of increase = 0%
This calculation threshold relates to a contract at 35h in which from the 36th hour and beyond, there is overtime, without mark-up.

(b) Overtime with increase :
Threshold 1 :
After : 35h, until : 43h
Rate of increase = 25%
Threshold 2 :
Beyond : 43h, to : undefined
Rate of increase = 50%

Overtime night work and public holidays

The JOUROFF software allows you to take into account the increase of overtime concerning worked holidays and night work.
JOUROFF can also handle other cases, such as Sunday work because our system allows to dynamically set specific activities for which the working time leads to an increase.

In addition, the software provides a summary of the hours worked, namely : normal hours worked, overtime with or without mark-up, or hours increased via specific activities.
Example of specific activities increased, depending on the case : Holiday worked, Night hours, Sunday work...

Annual overtime monitoring

The annualization of working time consists of organizing working hours over a global annual period.
The employee is required to work more hours during busy weeks and fewer hours in case of low activity.
The hours of work are offset from one week to the next, in order to project an average on the weekly working time.
To control the annual quota of hours worked or overtime, the JOUROFF time management and annualization software gives you the opportunity to manage an annualized Monitoring dashboard.
Overtime worked at the end of the period can be fed into a Recovery or Compensation type counter.

This counter is managed by annual period, and according to the calculation rule of annualization, this counter is able to accumulate the overtime done week by week.
Depending on the circumstances, accumulated overtime may be recovered for compensatory rest or for remuneration.

Overtime and leave management software

Extra hour calculation and synchronization of leave...

JOUROFF offers a time recording tool that takes into account the demand for employee leave.
In addition to the calculation of overtime, the software allows the management of leave and absences.

Overtime calculation

Weekly overtime thresholds

Hourly thresholds are used to determine overtime or additional hours for part-time employees, depending on the weekly working time.
the overtime software offers the possibility of defining the rate of increase according to the provisions of your collective agreement.

In the operation of the software, you must then associate the thresholds with each employee concerned from the user management space.
Each employee can have up to three thresholds, especially if there is a need to declare several hourly increments.
In the classic case without mark-up, a threshold will be defined.

Example Overtime Thresholds:

(a) Nominal case Management of overtime without increase:
Beyond: 35h, until: indefinite
Markup rate = 0%
This threshold concerns a 35-hour contract in which from the 36th hour and beyond, there are Extra Hours, without increase.

(b) Case Management of overtime with premium:
Threshold 1:
Beyond: 35h, until: 43h
Markup rate = 25%

Threshold 2:
Beyond: 43h, until: indefinite
Rate of increase = 50%