Online paid leave and absence management software

Leave software is a computer program that implements all HR rules with a view to automating leave balance calculations, as well as simplifying administrative processes relating to the management of employee absences.

The employee declares their leave request online
The leave software triggers an email notification to the Manager
Automatic calculation of leave balances
Export of monthly leave, compatible with any payroll software
Calculation of leave for part-time employees, rest, exceptional leave

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Managing staff leave has never been easier...
No more unreadable excel file, the leave software automates the leave process.

Leave management software - how does it work ?

The management of paid leave is an essential mission in the management of human resources.

Why choose the JOUROFF leave software ?

99% of our customers are satisfied (see customer testimonials)
An adaptable leave software compatible with most collective agreements.
The configuration of the leave software is done smoothly via the online interface.
Our priority is to support you throughout your HR project to digitize paid leave and absences.
When we are interested in leave software, at first glance, the features that attract attention consist of the automation of the leave process...But the management of leave and working time remains a complex subject. This is the reason why JOUROFF offers advanced functionalities as HR software in saas mode (Software As A Service). Among the options of the leave software, there are :

º Automation of seniority leave rights
º Automatic carry-over of leave balances, from one period to another
º Export of leave taken to an excel file to download or transfer to the payroll manager
º Operation on leave counter. Ex : Adjustment in the form of debit or credit
º Profile and visibility of leave counters, depending on the employee's contract
º Leave monitoring for employees on fixed days or annualized contracts (annualization)

Schedule of leave of an employee

Thanks to the free paid leave management software, each employee can view his annual schedule to control his holiday periods.

This schedule of holidays dedicated to the employee is very practical because it offers a complete view of the 12 (twelve) months of the year.
You also have the possibility to test the full version of the JOUROFF vacation software via the FREE TRIAL button.

Unlike freemium software, the full version of the leave software simplifies your absence monitoring.
You will be able to manage the leave counters of your employees as well as possible.
In any case, our online leave management solution includes a mobile application for free download, to easily manage paid leave.
The employee can plan his vacation from home, without constraint.

Paid leave setting

As a Manager, I set up the leave setting according to the HR management rules provided for in the collective agreement.

Leave software for efficient management of leave and absences

You want to compare leave management software or simple research as part of a technology watch...
The free trial version should allow you to evaluate our vacation software online.
Of course, the comparison of leave software offers a showcase of several HR leave software, but the field of human resources management involves specificities specific to each collective agreement.
This is why testing the trial version of the leave software in a concrete way remains the only way to find the right leave management software that meets your needs.
However, our technical support is at your disposal to provide you with good advice in order to find the appropriate leave software.

You simplify the follow-up of your employees leave and absence requests
Manage all types of absences as effectively as possible : unpaid leave, sick leave, parental leave
Simplify day-to-day human resources management

About free leave software

JOUROFF has developed a free offer for the management of leave and absences for companies with less than ten (10) employees.

What better than a free software free to identify the benefits of digitalization of human resources.
This so-called Freemium offer gives you access to the basic features of holiday management.

The STARTER version offers you the possibility of automating the leave process, starting with the employee's request for holidays via his dedicated online space, until the leave validation by his manager.

No more leave calculations using the excel leave sheet or the paper leave application form.
The JOUROFF STARTER software is also the setting of the leaves complex rules, by taking into account public holidays, the working time of each employee and the counting of the leaves of the part-time employees...You will save 90% of your time !

Leave software with advanced features

No need to download or install the leave software...Everything is configured directly online.
Easily manage the end of contracts to establish the leave situation
Efficient management of leave rights for fixed-day employees
Increase your productivity by automating HR leave management procedures
Simplify the validation of leave by managers, as well as the automatic update of the team schedule

You can also test the full version of the JOUROFF Holiday software via the button below:

Open source leave management software VS JOUROFF STARTER

Still called free software, open source leave software represents a category of software with open source code developed and maintained by a community of computer programmers.
The advantage of open source leave management software or free software is that access to advanced functions is not limited.
However, open source software involves relatively complex configuration.
Especially since the field of leave management requires taking into account the specific rules of the collective agreement for each sector of activity.
The freemium version of the leave software developed by Jouroff is admittedly limited in functionality, but it allows quick and easy handling.

Are included in the STARTER offer :

The STARTER version of the JOUROFF software gives you access to a free leave tool with advanced features for managing leave and absences.

Here is the list of features of JOUROFF STARTER :

Leave & Absence Management
Manage working days
Manage Part time employees
Standard Leave Setting: Paid Leave, Sick Leave, Family Leave
Automation of the Validation Process
Email notification, multiple levels of validation
Automatic update of leave balances
Operations on leave counters : debit, credit, transfer
Space dedicated to Managers to know : who validates the leave of who...
Employed activities: as Manager I access employee leave counters.
Overview of the evolution of the balances by meter
Each employee can view his annual schedule and leave the planning excel
Each employee accesses his dedicated calendar, which serves as his individual holiday schedule
Export of leaves taken during the month, to the payroll management software
The format of the export to payroll is customizable. This makes our leave software 100% compatible with most HR Management Payroll software online.
Note that the free leave software can be used as an evaluation version. The number of users is limited to less than 10, for this fremium formula of the leave and absence software.
Leave monitoring through a web application on Android or Iphone mobile devices.
This makes it easier to manage leaves online for the employee who does not have access to a computer.
They can plan their vacations from the online vacation management mobile application.
This point is a strength of our freemium version of leave management software...compared to open source leave management software, because the mobile version is generally offered by saas software.

However, if you want to discover the full version of the leave management software, you have the opportunity to do a free trial by clicking on the following button.

Not included in the STARTER offer :

  • Other specific leave

  • Time sheets

  • Shared Agenda & Team Planning

  • Management of activities


The conditions of access to the leave management software are described on our rate plan page.

To get started please go to the Pricing page !

The essential points in the digitization of paid leave
When we are interested in leave management software, we tend to prioritize ease of use in the field of taking leave and the validation that follows.
Even if these points remain important in daily use, there is another aspect to take into account, which is the adaptability of the leave software to your collective agreement. Among the points to analyze, we can cite :

Leave management integrating part-time or part-time employees
Our online HR software offers the possibility of prorating the number of days of paid leave acquired by the employee who works part-time.
But some companies can apply the general rule in which the system credits part-time employees with the same number of days of paid vacation as full-time employees...Then the adjustment of the vacation balance is done by the settlement system, when taking leave.
Management of paid leave in working day or working day mode.
Leave management with consideration of Meal Tickets. In this context, the leave software will retain one meal ticket per day of leave taken.
Leave management taking into account seniority rules. For example, automatic credit of 2 days for 5 years of seniority.
Note that the seniority rules must be defined in the leave management software, according to your collective agreement.
Leave management integrating leave rights visibility filters. For example, the ability to hide absences for part-time employees
Leave management taking into account the reference period. In the labor legislation in France, most often, paid leave are managed according to a period from June year-Y to May Y+1. This period is fully configurable and adjustable in the day off software.
Possibility of controlling the conditions for taking leave, namely debit balances or even requests for leave outside the legal period for taking leave.
Leave management with the inclusion of split days
Leave management including recovery days. Indeed, our leave management software allows the declaration of recovery days subject to validation by the HR Manager.

How to configure paid leave software ?

The company's paid leave calculation rules must be scrupulously configured in the leave software.
You must start by defining the number of days of leave to acquire per month or annually.
The leave tool also allows you to define the leave imputation counter, also called the leave taking counter.
The leave management software offers a user management area to define the conditions for applying paid leave according to the employee's contract.
Certain employees may or may not be eligible for Compensatory rest, depending on the nature of their employment contract. For example, in the case of a 35-hour contract benefiting from 5 weeks of paid leave, without compensatory rest
The configuration of the leave software is generally carried out by the software administrator during the implementation phase of the leave tool.
Comparison of the best free leave management software
Thanks to our expertise as an HR software publisher, PhpMyLab is an open source leave management web portal that has retained our attention.
Accessible from the internet, this software offers to manage leave in multi-user mode with several levels of roles, depending on whether you are a department manager, HR team manager or administrative manager.
Each employee can submit their leave request from an online form, specifying their department, the type of leave...Or view the number of days remaining in their annual balance of paid leave.
PhpMyLab is a paid leave software that also allows taking leave by half or full day.
The advanced search module allows you to display the holidays taken over an annual period.

Considered the most successful free absence management software, Jorani is software supported by a very active community of developers .
The holiday calendar offered by this software can be displayed in several formats.
You view at a glance the days OFF (not worked), as well as the schedule of absences for the current month.
Jorani is free software that allows you to define the rule for the monthly acquisition of leave rights in complete flexibility.

Odoo Time Off
Portal of additional nested software at will, Odoo develops a unique Open Source model in its gender.
Depending on your needs, you can build your software ecosystem.
The Time off module allows you to manage your employees' vacations and absences, so that you no longer lose sight of the days of absence for each employee.
Odoo Time Off allows you to manage the Workflow of leave requests.
The manager can approve or refuse leave requests, with the possibility of adding a comment to justify the rejection or to explain the decision not to accept the leave.