Free working time online planning

An online schedule makes it possible to centralize the essential information for a better organization of the work of the employees.
This work schedule makes your job easier in terms of disseminating and sharing information, because it allows employees to be informed of the missions assigned to them.
You can also discover the full version of our online solution for planning management and working time tracking.

Need a free online schedule for monitoring your company's staff ?
The word free planning has never been so aptly named because JOUROFF working time software offers free online planning that does not require account creation.

Simplified planning...
º To create the schedule, you enter the names of the employees assigned to the different tasks to be scheduled
º This free schedule also offers the possibility of defining online the activities to be displayed

A free multi-function planning tool

Planning management involves integrating several pieces of information at the same time.
To start with the timetable of the employees which can vary from one week to another.
This online planning tool allows you to easily target the period thanks to a calendar system based on the selection of the year, then the drop-down list of the different months of the year.
Among the online planning options, you will find :

The list of employees to be defined by you, according to the personnel of your company
The activities to be planned...this corresponds to the tasks you wish to indicate on the schedule
The weekly view which allows you to create the schedule for the week
The week numbering system to easily navigate to the desired work week
The monthly view which allows you to plan for the entire month
The plus (+) button allowing to dynamically add the tasks to be scheduled
The arrow-shaped button to duplicate the same task from one day to the next
The selection of the start time and the end time of the task
Calculation of the number of planned hours
Generating the PDF planning to print

Video planning software

How to use the HR planning online ?

Definition of task planning by employee

An online schedule is a time slot scheduling table that allows tasks to be assigned to team members in order to organize work.
If your need is to make an online schedule without necessarily installing dedicated software, this tool developed by JOUROFF is made for you.
In this context, you can directly complete this schedule online with free access.

More than a planning model, JOUROFF as a publisher of working time planning software offers you an adaptable free planning tool.
Depending on the HR organizational needs of your company, you can create a weekly schedule by selecting the desired week number...or even the creation of a monthly schedule to be printed over the four (4) weeks of the month.

An activity schedule must take into account the availability of human resources to be allocated to each time slot.
This implies integrating any absences due to employees leave...or simply the availability of resources compared to other activities already planned.
As a planning manager, prior to the establishment of the HR planning, it is necessary to gather all the necessary information concerning the availability of employees.

Most companies use a separate leave tracking tool, which centralizes employee leave requests.
The leave tool can be of the following type : leave software or excel leave table...
Before planning the tasks in the online planner, it is important to highlight the periods when employees take time off.
You can consolidate this information in an Excel table.
This allows you to have a general view of the periods of absence of each employee, and the planning of tasks in the online planning tool will be much more efficient.

Preview the schedule online

The online schedule preview is done directly from the task creation is a timesheet line by line, associating the name of the employee and the activity to be planned.
We must therefore ensure that the planning of online resources is in line with the HR organization.
On the one hand, there is the adequacy with the periods of taking leave, and on the other, the restitution of the organization of the work that one wishes to project.
The schedule to be printed will probably be shared with the employees...It is important to ensure that the tasks by collaborator have been properly assigned in order to avoid approximations in the schedule which could mislead the employees and complicate the organization work.
To this end, the online schedule offers several viewing options :
º The visualization of the tasks by collaborator line by line
º For the weekly schedule, the navigation according to the week number
º Navigating through the different years to master the periods to be planned

Difference between online planning and Excel planning table

Planning remains a sensitive area because it impacts the organization of your company's work.
When a task to be performed is displayed on the schedule, the employee systematically integrates it into his work diary.
The objective of this free online planning is to make the information more reliable, while providing you with an ergonomic and intuitive HR organization tool to use for free.

You will save time and efficiency because the weekly or monthly planning will be automatically generated respecting the dates and weeks concerned.
Indeed, there is no need to determine for yourself the dates involved in the planning period because the planning tool will do it for you.

However, the excel planning table retains the advantage of aggregating several types of information which go beyond the framework of a simple activity planning.
Especially if you do planning management with a HR tracking dimension.
In this context, it is not uncommon for the Excel table to be completed with advanced formulas such as balance leave calculation and other organizational information.
Failing to use the excel planning of tasks, if you have specific needs in planning and human resources management, note that the JOUROFF software offers several HR tools in the field of planning and time monitoring.

How to share the work organization schedule ?

The objective of a personnel management schedule is that it be disseminated and shared with all employees.
This free planning tool offers a PDF export planning functionality that you can print.
From then on, you can distribute the schedule within your company.
Regarding planning sharing tools, there is your company's computer network, or using a shared online space like Google drive.
There is also the traditional method, which consists of displaying the planning in your premises, in a common space shared with all the employees.

Jouroff web portal vs free planning tool

The planning tool offered by this page represents a workaround for setting up resource planning software for your business.
The JOUROFF offer contains a working time planning software allowing advanced functionalities in terms of human resources management.
Indeed, our planning software in its premium version allows the management of working time in a global HR Management approach.

Companies that have advanced planning constraints can use the working time planning modules, the management of leaves and absences, or the working time and overtime calculation software.

Work time planning vs leave software

The planning software can be associated with the leave management tool in order to have a general view in the planning of the working time of your employees.
To do this, our hr software offers a diary with two options, namely the diary planning mode, or the leave mode.
This makes it possible to plan the employee's tasks, or quite simply to take leave in the same schedule.
Thanks to this functionality, the planning software saves you time and efficiency, because you will no longer need to go back and forth between the working time planning software and the leave tool.

Note that, for companies that do not want an advanced work hour calculation software, there is the possibility of the free planning tool offered by this page.