Online leave request form

Need a print request form for paid leave and absences ?
This free online leave request sheet saves you time and efficiency.
º Are you an employee or HR manager ?
º Are you looking for a leave request form to print ?

More than a leave form, through this page JOUROFF offers you a real free tool to formulate your request for paid leave and absences...while benefiting from the system of counting the number of days of leave taken.
This free tool takes into account weekends, days worked, but also the appreciation of public holidays during the leave.

A multi-function leave request sheet

Better than a word leave form, the JOUROFF leave sheet makes it possible to take into account your HR parameters, so as to offer you the leave counting, that is to say, the number of days of leave taken.
This makes it possible to avoid calculation errors, to save time in recording the number of days of leave...but also to ensure transparency between the employee who initiates the leave request and the Manager who validates the leave.
Among the options on the leave request sheet, you will find :

The input parameters to adjust the days worked, by default, the tool offers from Monday to Friday
The prefilling of public holidays
Information used to complete the leave form to print
Date and employee signature section
Leave planning
The name of the Manager who validates the leaves
PDF export to print the leave sheet

Online leave sheet vs word form

The advantages of using the JOUROFF leave sheet

A request for paid leave is a procedure by which the employee declares his days of absence to his manager, through a form or a digitized information system.
Thus, the HR manager checks the leave schedule beforehand to ensure the availability and presence of other employees, before validating the leave request.

JOUROFF offers this online leave sheet to allow companies that make leave requests in paper version, to have an intuitive tool capable of automatically determining the number of days of leave induced in the request.
Indeed, the calculation of leave remains a time-consuming task which requires taking into account the hr parameters of the employees.
This implies integrating the days worked by the employee, but also the public holidays during the leave.

The advantage of this leave request sheet is to associate the declaration through a pdf file to print, and at the same time to calculate the number of days of leave to allow the employee and the HR manager, to accurately view the number of days of leave counted.

The advantages of the word leave request form

Traditionally, leave requests are made on paper.
Some companies develop a leave form that meets the requirements of the company.
For example, by proposing specific information areas to best transcribe the leave request process in the company.

The leave sheet proposed by JOUROFF, is generic...
The tool highlights the basic information needed to formulate your leave request.

Calculation of leave

The leave taking table offers a section allowing you to indicate the type of leave.
It is a list offering several types of leave, ranging from paid leave, RTT (for French companies), parental leave, special leave or other absences.

In terms of calculating paid leave, this sheet does not include the leave acquisition system, nor the calculation of balance.
If you want to understand more about how paid leave is calculated, JOUROFF offers an online simulator for calculating leaves, as well as other simulators for calculating working time, accessible via the Toolbox section, which can be found bottom of the JOUROFF site.