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Planning of activities and view by employee
Assignment by geographic location
Taking into account leaves and absences
Calculation of recovery hours

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Features planning tool

Mass creation

To simplify your daily life, the planning software JOUROFF offers a feature called Multi-Events that allows mass planning with intuitive navigation through the different weeks.
This module also makes it possible to duplicate weeks in one click when it comes to planning the same working time from one week to the next.

Visualization by Geographical Location

This view answers the question : Who does what, when and where ?
Indeed, the Planning by site allows you to visualize the activities and the people affected in the different geographical sites or agencies of the company.

Visualization by employee

It is a question of visualizing the activities assigned to each employee by name.

Work schedule and staff management

JOUROFF is an online planning software adaptable to all areas of activity.
A planning tool that allows the allocation of activities, personnel management, or the management of working time.
Indeed, the planning software JOUROFF relies on several activity tracking modules.
This makes JOUROFF a complete software for activity management, time tracking and human resources management.

Planning and activity tracking software

The planning software JOUROFF is not limited to the simple display of the activities assigned to each resource.
The planning tool is combined with an intuitive activity management system that allows work planning and at the same time setting up an activity monitoring dashboard.

The principle is simple: I plan, and automatically I access the indicators of activity monitoring.
These indicators are of the type: Overtime counters, leaves, time worked per period and per employee, time spent per activity.

Management of the schedules and follow-up of the leaves of the staff

Rather than multiply the tools, the planning software JOUROFF offers a solution that allows to pool the management of leave and the assignment of activities.
Thus, the planning software is based on a calendar system combined with the leaves calculation.
Therefore you have activity planning and leave management via the same agenda.
This has a twofold advantage, which is the non-overlapping of tasks and holidays.
This approach also avoids you going back and forth between the scheduling software and the holiday software.

Work schedule and overtime

In the same context as the management of leave, the scheduling software JOUROFF also makes it possible to activate the time management and the calculation of the overtime.
The management of overtime is based on a setting system proposed by the planning software JOUROFF.
Depending on the management rules set out in your collective agreement, it is possible to define overtime management thresholds that can be used to feed the hour recovery counter as well as any increases in overtime, as applicable.

Planning and time management software

The planning software JOUROFF offers you the possibility to plan your resources while calculating the planned time.
This makes it possible to jointly manage the organization and the legal duration of the work.

Thanks to our activity management system associated with the planning software, you have access to a dashboard offering several filters.
You also have the option of extracting in Excel format the planning data as well as the activity tracking indicators.
For example, if your need is to control working time per employee, you can apply the filter "Group per employee" as shown in the image below.
The planning software JOUROFF allows you to control the synthesis of the monthly or annual working time.

Planning software for hardware resources

The resources involved in the planning can be of several types.
It can be the planning of the personnel implying the employees of the company or the planning of the material resources of the type Meeting room, vehicle etc.