Which human resources software for the management of leaves and absences ?

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What is leave and absence software ?

More than a question of HR organization, in most of the labor code legislations of the different countries, leave is a right for employees.
Paid leave, as it should be pointed out, represents a period of several days, during which the employee evades his professional obligations, while continuing to receive his salary due to a legal obligation of his employer.
This period of absence responds to administrative constraints described in the collective agreement of each company.
Thanks to the labor law, there is a legal framework common to all companies, to specify the maximum number of days to which the employee is entitled.
To this are added the conditions for taking holidays and legal periods, which apply to both the employee and the employer.

In view of the multitude of HR management rules to be observed, leave management is a complex subject which deserves to be treated with the utmost rigor.

This is the reason why Jouroff, which is a leave and absence management software, will simplify your task by automating the administrative process for managing paid leave.

What are the advantages of leave management software ?

Even if for the smallest companies, the excel leave management file can have its place, it should be emphasized that the leave management involves time-consuming tasks which have no real added value for the strategic missions of your company.
In this context, the implementation of a Leave and absence management software is of great interest because it makes it possible to automate a certain number of repetitive tasks.
The goal is to save time and efficiency.

This will allow you to focus on strategic tasks for the development of your business.
The other element to take into account is the reliability of the information because in the management of leave, it is a question of making calculations of employee leave balance, but also the management of day counters acquired by period.

In conclusion, the use of a leave tool protects you from errors in assessing the leave rights of your employees.
And employees gain autonomy because each has a dedicated personal space for :
formulate leave requests
view a dashboard on paid leave acquired and not taken...this avoids constantly asking the HR manager.

How to choose leave and absence software ?

This has not escaped you because since the advent of the Internet, software hitherto developed to measure, has become a service to be consumed online.
This type of software known as software in saas mode represents the advantage of quickly accessing a "ready-made" product.

In fact, thanks to saas software, the production time is reduced, or even non-existent !
However, this great promise of internet software has a drawback which is the lack of flexibility in terms of adaptability.
From now on, it's up to the user to adapt to the software...no more time when the IT specialist moved around the offices to collect opinions from future users.

This is the reason why, it is important to first develop a specification.
The idea being to have a written document to list the expected functionalities, starting by describing :

º leave management rules within your company
º validation process by one or more managers
º mode of acquisition paid leave...acquired monthly or annually ?
º management mode in working days or working days
º taking into account part-time employees
º management of employees for the day package
º exceptional absences
º taking into account teleworking
º rules for access to leave planning
º Time savings account
º Etc...

This highlights the important points relating to your collective agreement...Indeed, we can sometimes consider that the management of leave is a general framework (common management rules) that all software on the market can handle.
It is clear that in matters of labor law, the specifics of each company must be treated as such.

Even if the leave software that can be found on the market is sufficiently supplied, the advantage of writing specifications is to allow the Publisher HR Software to provide the appropriate settings to adapt the software to your situation.
It is therefore recommended to present these specifications to the publishers of leave software that you will have the opportunity to approach.
And don't forget to analyze the list of features offered, especially if the publisher offers the possibility of testing the software before launching.

Should we go to an HRIS software or a dedicated leave management tool ?

The project of setting up a leave management software can raise other questions of the type, should we widen the digitalization HR to other needs ?
Indeed, this can be an opportunity to conduct a much larger study in order to choose the most suitable HR software for your business.
As a reminder, a HRIS software is an HR portal made up of several software components in human resources management.
Depending on the case, HRIS software can integrate functionalities such as HR administrative management, Payroll dematerialization, Time and activity management etc...

Obviously, everything depends on the directions you want to take in terms of HR digitalization.
Because the functional scope has an impact on the cost of acquiring a HRIS tool.
That said, the Internet offers such a wide range of HR tools, that it will always be possible to find the best value for money for your HR software.

What happens if the labor code legislation changes in terms of HR management ?

If there is one area destined for multiple changes, it is that of the labor code legislation.
This point must be taken into account in the criteria for choosing your HR software.
Most professional human resources management software integrates this aspect by means of an intuitive configuration.
It is important to thoroughly explore the features offered by the HR software, to ensure that it is scalable.

Indispensable functions of leave and absence management software
When embarking on a project to digitize leaves and absences, ergonomics and ease of use are the criteria of choice.
However, there are other essential features that deserve special attention in the selection of leave management software. Here we offer you some criteria to check to determine the best vacation software for your company, including :

Leave software offering the management of part-time employees.
Leave and absence software following working days.
Leave software and absence management with taking into account of Meal Tickets. In this context, the leave software proposes the counting of Meal Tickets, that is to say, one ticket retained per day of leave taken.
Leave monitoring software offering rules for managing seniority leave. Example, automatic acquisition of 2 days for 10 years of seniority.
This automatic management is made possible thanks to the seniority rules defined in the administration interface of the leave software, according to your collective agreement.
Paid leave management software offering visibility filters for leave rights. For example, the display or the possibility of hiding certain leaves...
Paid leave software integrating the declaration of the reference period for paid leave, for example the period from January to December or from June to May.
Interface for configuring leave rules. Defining whether or not debit leave balances are authorized...or authorizing leave requests or absences outside the legal period for taking leave.
Leave management software allowing the management of split days, if your collective agreement allows it...
Paid leave software offering the recovery day management functionality. Note that the day-off leave management software offers the employee the possibility of submitting requests for recovery days, subject to validation by the HR Manager.