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How to set up time management ?

Rather than multiply the processes, the JOUROFF software allows you to pool time management and activity monitoring.
In addition to the management of working time in the field of human resources, our software offers you the possibility of deploying an activity management system by creating your activity database.

The objective is to better represent the projects or programs managed within your company.
This implementation oriented representation of your business, is based on our adaptable data model for monitoring time...On arrival, you benefit from an analytical monitoring dashboard of time spent, or budget monitoring .

Thanks to our time tracking approach, you can therefore work in an HR context for employee working time monitoring, or use the Project portfolio feature allowing time analytical monitoring passed by activity.

In any case, you feed a single source of information, namely your Timesheet ... This is enough for the software to produce the time spent indicators or budget monitoring.

Time management for monitoring attendance hours

What is GTA software ?
To track employee working time, companies generally equip themselves with a time tracking tool.
GTA software is a system for dematerializing hours through which employees log their hours worked on an electronic medium in the form of a timecard or dematerialized timesheet.
On arrival, the GTA tool performs the accumulation of hours and the hourly summary of activities by automatically applying the management rules configured by the administrator.

There are several components in the management of working time.
If your project consists of monitoring working hours, without necessarily indicating the time spent per activity, our time tracking software offers a module entitled Entering hours of presence, allowing each employee to indicate the time of arrival, the break and the time of departure.
Such monitoring of hours may concern the management of overtime or the annualization of working time, without the activity reporting dimension.

How to configure GTA software ?
The first parameter that comes into play in a GTA HR tool is the quota of contractual hours to be worked per week.
The GTA software administration interface offers a user management module which allows you to configure the weekly working time, as well as the thresholds for triggering overtime.
GTA software also involves implementing project structures as well as the tasks that make up these projects, especially in the case where you want to track the times completed per project.
For the rest, your employees can declare working hours from the timesheet module to allow the GTA tool to count hours automatically.

Calculation of working hours

To calculate working hours, our time tracking software offers an intuitive and flexible approach in terms of the source of information related to time entry.

In fact, your activity can be based on the entry of hours via the Timesheets and activities, but also through an attendance schedule to organize the work in a forward-looking fashion.

For the hr software, all you have to do is specify the source of information, and the time management software automatically calculates the time tracking indicators.

If you want to calculate the working hours per employee, you can for example apply the filter "Group by employee".
The software thus makes it possible to control the monthly or annual working time quota for each employee.

What indicators for time monitoring ?

JOUROFF has developed an intuitive time tracking approach, adaptable to all areas of activity.

Indeed, our system allows the management of employees' working time, as well as the analytical monitoring of activities from an intuitive process, based on the following principle :
You fill in your schedule or your timesheet, you automatically access an activity monitoring dashboard with pre-built indicators.
No more statistical formulas and excel time sheet to control the working time per employee, or the time spent per project.

Time management for analytical monitoring

Activities repository

To give you an overview, the JOUROFF software offers a concept called Activities repository, which is your activities database.
The activities defined in the Repository are applicable to different projects or customers.
For companies that want a simplified management of working time, the repository of activities is not mandatory.

Project Portfolio Management

To ensure efficient time tracking, the JOUROFF software allows you to organize activities by work context, also called project portfolio.
The software offers you a three-level structure: Customer => Project => Lot => [list of activities]
As for the activity reference, the notion of projects portfolio is not mandatory, it depends on the structure of activities that you want to implement.

Progress monitoring indicators

Thanks to the pre-built time tracking indicators, the JOUROFF software offers you the possibility to follow the time consumed by activity or by resource, without having to code statistical formulas.
All you have to do is feed your activity schedule or timesheets.

In parallel, the software feeds a synthesis table that allows to control the type indicators :
> Time consumed by project portfolio or by client
> Time by activity
> Budget follow-up to control costs and possible differences by project
> Reconciliation between the planned time and the time consumed

Time and activity management for project monitoring

Time management and schedule monitoring

The JOUROFF software proposes a standardization of the management of the activities.
You have the possibility to feed the Repository of the activities.
It is this same Repository that can feed all your business processes based on timesheets, schedules or task management.

The software also allows load plan management with a pre-assignment of activities per employee.
At the same time, you access the capacity planning management tool.

Follow-up of leave and absences

Management of leave and absences has never been so easy !

At JOUROFF the management of activities includes the management of leave and absences.
You can automate the leave management process for greater visibility into resource planning.
Thanks to our holiday and planning tool, you are in control of the activity planning as well as the schedule of leave and absences.

If you want to go far in the leave management process, the JOUROFF software also allows the setting of HR management rules for the calculation of leave, rules for taking leave and various operations involving holidays.

Time management for calculating overtime

In terms of time management and activity monitoring, some companies are required to account for working time exceeding the legal or contractual framework.
These are overtime hours which give rise to a rest period or to remuneration on the basis of the provisions of the collective agreement of each company.
the JOUROFF software allows the calculation of overtime by automatically feeding a counter dedicated to each employee.

The overtime counter offered by the JOUROFF software can be of type Recovery or Remuneration.
Depending on the case, it is possible to apply the increase in overtime by setting the thresholds of increase specific to each company or collective agreement.

Areas of application of time tracking software

Time tracking software makes it possible to pool working time management and activity monitoring.
This type of time and activity management software makes you more productive because you have better control over the time allocated to the various resources of your company.
To simplify your day-to-day human resources management, you can activate the different modules that make up our HR and time tracking software.
Our time tracking software can be used in the following cases :

Time tracking software for tracking working time by project
The hours tracking software for the various activities of the company
Time tracking software in the context of leave and absence management
The time tracking software for the activation of an hour counter, with a view to retrieving the hours
Time management for the calculation of overtime and increase.
Example: Hours worked between 35H to 43H, with application of an increase rate of 25%, and for more than 43H, increase of 50%
Time tracking software for the annualization of working time, with definition of the number of hours to be worked per year
Time management software for monitoring hours worked within the framework of a modulation of hours by period
Time and activity software to feed a recovery counter based on the hours worked beyond the weekly working time.
Time tracking tool for tracking working time related to time spent invoicing
Time recording software for budget tracking indexed to time spent (cost tracking based on hourly wage rate)
Time tracking software hours tracking for internal project management or customer portfolios.

HR software features working time and activities

HR settings
Application domain
Employee's weekly working time (Ex. 35h)
The weekly working time allows the HR software to activate the overtime management module.
The employee can enter his weekly working hours, thanks to his online workspace, by accessing the timesheet and activities tool. Then, the HR software takes care of the automatic calculation of overtime.
Weekly overtime count threshold
Depending on the different employment contracts managed within the company, the employer can define directly in the time management software, the thresholds for calculating overtime and overtime.
Here is an example of the working time calculation for a 35-hour weekly contract :
(1) Hours worked by the employee 39 hours
> Overtime Threshold-1 = 39 hours - 35 hours = 4 hours
> Increased overtime = 4 hours * 25/100 = 1h
> Total overtime hours = 4 hours + 1 hour = 5 hours

(2) Hours worked by the employee 45 hours
> Overtime Threshold-1 = 43 hours - 35 hours = 8 hours
> Overtime Threshold-2 = 45 hours - 43 hours = 2 hours
That is 10 gross hours
> Increased overtime = (8h * 25/100) + (2 * 50/100) = 2h + 1h = 3 hours
> Total overtime = 10 hours + 3 hours = 13 hours
Time management for Sunday work
If your time management rule provides for Sunday work, the HR software suggests defining a threshold for calculating working hours linked to the Sunday worked day.
Time management for public holidays
Possibility for the hr software to calculate the working time linked to public holidays
Working time during specific hours
In certain cases, the organization of working time can provide for a specific treatment of hours worked from a time threshold.
Example: from the 9th to the 11th hour, the hr software must calculate the working time with an increase of the hours.
Time and activity management and Time recovery
Our time and activity management software offers the employee the possibility of formulating a request for time recovery. The request for recovery of hours is subject to validation by the employer.
Payment for overtime
The HR software offers an online space to define the conditions for triggering overtime to be paid ... In parallel, the time management software feeds an hour meter for the payment of overtime.
The HR software offers an adjustment feature that allows you to balance paid hours at the end of the month.
Time entry in the hr software
Thanks to an intuitive timesheet and online activities interface, the employee can declare his working hours on a weekly or monthly basis.
Validation of the timesheet and activities
The entry of working hours can relate to sensitive activities of the company. In this context, the time and activity management software offers the employer the possibility of validating or rejecting the timesheet and activities.In the case of a validation of the timesheet, the rh software automatically triggers the calculation of working hours and overtime.
Annualization and setting of the number of hours worked per year
If your company is concerned by the modulation of working time or the annualization of hours, the parameter number of hours worked per year allows the monitoring of annual indicators
HR and follow-up of the number of days worked per year (day package)
The HR software allows the management of employees on a day package. In this context, the working time management software allows the monitoring of days worked per year, as well as the follow-up of leaves and absences.
Example: Number of days worked per year = 218 days, annual leave = 25 days, other absences = 10 days.