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Online leave calculator

How to calculate leave ?
Here is a frequent question that any rh manager asks himself when he has to calculate the leave rights of employees.
This free leave simulator allows you to calculate balance indicators and leave counters online.

º Are you an HR manager or an employee ?
º Do you want to understand how leaves are calculated ?
º Are you looking for a paid vacation calculator ?

More than a simulator, JOUROFF offers you through this page, a free leave tool, with the possibility of downloading your results in PDF format.

A multi-function leave simulator

The calculation of leaves implies taking into account the HR management rules of your company.
This is the reason why this leave simulator offers several options...
To make your task easier, the basic rules generally applied are defined by default.
Among the options of the leave simulator, you will find :

The input parameters to define the rule for acquiring leave rights
The leave management mode, in working days or business days
Working days and rest days
The public holiday statement during leaves
The counting of leave for the part-time employee
The hiring period for calculating leaves at the end of the contract
Leave planning
Preview of the leave balance and PDF export

Leave calculation

Acquisition paid leave in working days or business days ?

In French labor law, the acquisition of leave rights is primarily based on the working days or business days calculation method.
This makes it possible to determine the number of days of leaves acquired monthly.
In working days, the employee acquires 2.08 days per month, and in business days, the employee is credited with 2.5 days per month.
However, when taking leave, the counting system must establish the right balance, to allow employees benefiting from the working days or business days calculation method to benefit from the same number of effective days at the end of the annual reference period.

As a reminder, are considered business days, all days of the week except public holidays not worked and the weekly day of rest (Sunday).
An ordinary week has 6 business days, taking into account Saturday.
While the working days correspond to the days actually worked in the company, generally these are days going from Monday to Friday.
This significant difference between working days and business days is the basis of the leave acquisition and counting system.

To make things easier for you, the paid vacation calculator gives you the possibility to easily define these parameters.
Indeed, the goal with the paid leave simulator is to gain efficiency, which is why the rules for managing conventional leave are pre-filled in the simulator.

Leave counting system

The basic rule is, the leave begin on the first day on which the employee should have worked, then, one counts all the working days, until his return to work.br> This rule for counting the working days contained in the interval allows great clarity, including to understand how the leave of part-time employees is calculated.br> This leave calculation simulator allows you to view in detail the different dates retained by the counting system.

The employee often wonders about the rules for calculating his rights to paid leave. The objective of the paid leave calculation simulator is to provide more transparency on the principle of leave calculation.

Should Saturdays be deducted from leaves ?

If the method of calculation is in working days, only the days actually worked in the company are deducted when taking leave.
However, if your management rule is in business days, unless otherwise provided for in your collective agreement, Saturday is generally deducted.

Explanation :
In business days, the employee has 30 days a year.
When leaves are assessed on working days, at the rate of 25 days per year, it must be considered that labor law is intended to be fair between the two methods of calculation.
This is the reason why, five (5) Saturdays are to be used during the reference period to establish equity.
The mechanism of 5 Saturdays in business days is automatically taken into account by the leave simulator.
You only need to indicate the appropriate configuration in the input parameters space of the simulator.

Leave for part-time employees

In a non-prorated system, the part-time employee benefits from the same number of days (25 working days, in French labor law) as the full-time employee.
However, the leave counting system must restore fairness by "retaining" part-time rest days.
For example, an 80% part-time employee not working on Wednesday...when he works a full week, the system will retain 5 working days, including Wednesday.

This calculation method is troubling to say the least for the employee, because in principle the days not worked are not counted...
To better assimilate this rule supposed to establish equity, it is simply necessary to take into account the fundamental rule of counting leave, which stipulates :
The leaves start from the 1st day, then we count every opening day until resumption of work.
Indeed, Wednesday being one day worked in the company, it will be retained even if the employee for his part does not work on Wednesday.
At the same time, it must be considered that this employee benefits from the same number of days (25 days per year) as the full-time employee.
Basically, the same acquisition rule implies the same counting rule.

However, for the example above, it should be emphasized that during an annual reference period, the system must count down no more than 5 Wednesdays.
Even if the employee were to split his vacation, taking 10 Tuesdays in a row for example. It is necessary to cap at 5 Wednesdays in order not to penalize the employee.

The leave simulator proposed by JOUROFF allows to respond to this constraint of capping for the part-time account.

Leave tool vs simulator

As the management of paid leave is a vast subject, it is common to use leave management software for a broader view in the leave and absence monitoring table for your employees.
Indeed, JOUROFF as leave software offers a wide range of leave tools, whether for automated leave management via the free paid leave software called JOUROFF STARTER, or as a leave tool for simple leave calculations. paid via this online vacation simulator.

It is clear that depending on the needs of your company, the HR software publisher JOUROFF puts forward a software for managing paid leave and absences, from the simplest to the most complex cases.
For comparison, if you want complete automation of leave management, you can opt for the premium version of the paid leave software...or the free version of the leave software called STARTER, or the free leave tool presented in this page, commonly called the online paid vacation calculator.