Calculation of overtime

How to calculate overtime ?
This question comes up often when you are an Employee or HR Manager subject to a legal obligation to calculate overtime worked beyond 35 hours, or any other threshold of weekly working time.

This free overtime simulator allows you to calculate your working hours online in order to estimate your hourly quota in terms of overtime credits acquired per week.
It offers you the possibility of applying the increase in overtime according to the rules for calculating working hours provided in your collective agreement.

This 100% free online tool offers you several ways of calculating working hours.
(1) You can directly declare the hourly volume corresponding to the hours worked per week.
(2) Or use the advanced hourly calculation mode to indicate date by date the overtime worked.
(3) Finally, the timesheet and activities mode which allows working time to be declared date by date, and the tool is responsible for determining overtime.

These options allow you to easily integrate the following parameters :
taking into account night hours
the calculation of overtime generated by specific days...For example: work on Sundays or public holidays.
the possibility of defining the hours entry mode, namely, the declaration of working hours cumulatively, or by specifying the start time and the end time.
PDF export of results for your HR monitoring

Overtime simulator and use cases

More than a calculator for calculating overtime, JOUROFF time management software editor offers you an online timesheet that works like a calculator to add up the hours worked.
HR manager, accountant or employee, this simulator offers you the possibility of making simulations of calculation of working hours by integrating several possibilities of setting...This according to the different contracts of the employees.
Indeed, given that the monitoring of working hours involves different calculation rules per company or per employee, this tool offers several hourly calculation options.

Calculation of overtime according to the total hours worked

The declaration of working hours can be done by indicating a weekly hourly volume worked by the employee.
This option of the overtime simulator avoids declaring the working hours date by date.
Thus, the simulator calculates the overtime on the basis of the declared hourly quota.

Overtime simulator and hourly declaration by date

The calculation of overtime can be done for purposes of remuneration according to the hourly wage rate, or for the purpose of recovering the hours.
In both cases, it is advisable to be precise on the calculation of the hours worked by the employee.
This is the reason why the overtime simulator offers an option to enter working hours by date.
This method of calculating overtime provides more precision on the dates and time slots at which the overtime has occurred.

In the event that you are required to apply the overtime increase on night hours or on public holidays, clarification is required.
In a classic case of calculating the increase in overtime, it is the taking into account of the time slot that prevails.
For example, the hours worked between 35h and 43h are increased by 25%, and beyond the 43h worked the increase is 50%.

A calculation simulation for an employee whose employment contract is 35 hours per week, would give the following:
(1) Weekly hours declared 39h
> Gross overtime hours calculated for Threshold_1 = 39 - 35 = 4 h
> Increased overtime = 4 * 25/100 = 1 h
> Total overtime = 4 + 1 = 5 h

(2) Weekly hours declared 45h
> Overtime for Threshold_1 = 43 - 35 = 8 h
> Overtime for Threshold_2 = 45 - 43 = 2 h
...The employee worked 10 hours of gross overtime
> Increased overtime = (8 * 25/100) + (2 * 50/100) = (2) + (1) = 3
> Total overtime = 10 + 3 = 13h

It should be noted that these premium rates do not apply in the same way to all companies, it depends on each collective agreement or company agreement, which we invite you to read carefully.
The overtime calculator performs these hourly calculations automatically, then you can export the results to a pdf file, for internal use in your company.

Calculation of overtime and working time

The overtime simulator offers the possibility of activating the counting of working hours, while ensuring the calculation of overtime triggered by exceeding the weekly ceiling.
In fact, this calculator for calculating overtime offers hr managers the possibility of evaluating working hours, seeing the activities which are the basis for calculating overtime.
This makes it possible to control the process of calculating working time at the same time as the monitoring of indicators hr time spent by activity.
This functionality gives the overtime simulator an online timesheet and activities dimension.
Therefore, each company can make this free working time calculator a real tool for entering working hours within the company.

Advanced calculation mode of the overtime simulator

In order to take into account the specificities of each company, the overtime simulator offers two hours entry modes, namely the accumulation of hours over a day or the declaration of the start time. and the end time.
In both cases, the timesheet provides the total hours worked per week.
Like a real online calendar, thanks to this overtime simulator, you can browse by month or by year in order to make charges on the week that interests you.

Calculation of additional hours

This calculator also allows you to take into account the calculation of additional hours.
As a reminder, we are talking about additional hours when a part-time employee works hours beyond his contractual working time.
These differ from overtime in terms of statutory regime and hourly quota.
On the other hand the principle of calculation is the same, namely, on the one hand the weekly working time provided for in the contract, and on the other hand, the application of a threshold making it possible to determine the hours beyond the contractual hours.
In all cases, the calculator offers you the possibility of dynamically defining the hourly and increase thresholds, depending on the type of contract.

Gross and net hourly rate calculator

The objective of this calculator is to provide you with an accounting of working hours and overtime without applying the wage rate.
In other words, the overtime simulator offers you hourly indicators...It is up to you to apply your wage rate in order to estimate your salary for overtime pay.
However, the calculator provides the result in the form of a summary table of gross overtime hours before application of the increase thresholds, but also overtime hours increased by time slot.

Calculation of overtime : how does it work ?

Regarding the calculation of overtime, the conditions for recording the volume of hours worked beyond the contractual hours should be specified. Here are the essential points for calculating overtime :
The overtime threshold for calculating Sunday hours worked
The overtime threshold for calculating the hours of public holidays worked
The overtime threshold for the calculation of night hours and overtime hours
The weekly overtime threshold for the calculation of overtime to be recovered
The weekly overtime threshold for the calculation of overtime to be paid

In some collective agreements, overtime hours are systematically paid.
In this case, the hours calculator does not activate hours recovery.
Example of overtime calculation rule :
- From 35 h to 43 h => the hours are to be recovered (compensatory rest)
- Beyond 43 h => Payment of overtime, on the basis of the contractual hourly rate

The observation is that the organization of working hours varies according to the constraints of each company.
Therefore, to calculate overtime, this online tool offers two calculation methods.

(1) Use of the timesheet and activities to calculate overtime :
In this calculation method, employees enter the hours worked week by week.
At the same time, the overtime calculation tool records overtime.
The advantage of favoring the entry of weekly working hours lies in the fact that the hours and activities sheet can be used to manage the annualization of working hours, if is only if your company manages employees with annualized contracts.
The annualization of working time is an area of ??time management in its own right.
It concerns companies that have seasonality in the organization of working time. In this context, working hours can be modulated or adjusted according to periods of high activity or low activity, on the basis of the year.
It should be noted that the annualization or modulation of working hours implies the establishment of an annualization agreement within the company.

(2) Calculation of overtime from the direct declaration by the employee :
In order not to burden the process of calculating overtime, employees can directly declare the overtime that they believe they have worked week by week.
This method of calculation avoids entering the hours worked overall during the week.
However, the HR manager can reject the hours sheet, or simply validate if the hours are consistent.

Features of the online overtime calculation tool

HR settings
Application domain
Contractual hours. Ex. 35h (Weekly working time)
Calculating overtime involves declaring the number of hours to work per week.
The employee will thus be able to fill in his hours sheet so that the calculation tool can automatically calculate the overtime hours.
Threshold for counting weekly overtime
Overtime automation system relies on setting overtime thresholds.
For example, if the employee's employment contract stipulates 35 hours per week :
(1) Total hours entered = 39 hours
> Calculation of gross overtime hours of Threshold-1 = 39 hours - 35 hours = 4 hours
> Calculation of increased overtime = 4 h x (25/100) = 1 hour
> Calculation of total overtime hours = (4 h + 1 h) = 5 hours
The total of overtime multiplied by the hourly wage rate in force, for example 8 € / h...Therefore, the wage due to overtime = 5h * 8 € = 40 €

(2) Total hours entered = 45 hours
> Calculation of overtime hours Threshold-1 = (43 h - 35 h) = 8 h
> Calculation of overtime hours Threshold-2 = (45 h - 43 h) = 2 h
That's 10 gross overtime hours
> Calculation of increased overtime = 8h x (25/100) + 2 x (50/100) = (2h) + (1h) = 3h
> Calculation of total overtime hours = (10h + 3h) = 13h
This total of overtime can be multiplied by the hourly wage rate, for example 8 € per hour...Or a wage due to overtime = 13h * 8 € = 104 €
Threshold for calculating overtime for Sunday work
Certain collective agreements or working time agreement provide that the Sunday worked gives rise to increased overtime.
Threshold for counting overtime for public holidays worked
Calculation of overtime and premium for working on public holidays
Calculation of hours per time slot
In some cases the hours calculation tool allows specific processing of hours worked from a certain hourly ceiling.
Example: from the 9th to the 11th hour, calculation of overtime with a specific increase.
Retrieval of hours via an annual counter
The hours worked beyond the contractual hours can be deposited on an annual counter, of type Recovery. The employee will thus be able to formulate his tomorrow's hours of recovery in the form of compensatory rest.
Overtime payment
If an overtimebox is not supplied with an hour recovery counter, the overtime box is used to supply an annual counter for the payment of overtime.
Number of annual hours
Our hours calculator allows you to track the number of hours worked per year. This is the management of annualized (or annualization) hours. In this case, the annual indicators to follow are of the following type: hours planned, hours worked, remainder to work