Free staff leave schedule, better than an excel template

The leave planning is the table which allows the hr monitoring of holidays and staff absences.
Through this online schedule, JOUROFF offers you the free use of a dematerialized leave schedule that you can view online by monthly and annual period...Or in the form of an online leave schedule to print to replace your table excel leave.

º Need a hr leave tracking table ?
º For the next vacation period, would you like a leave and absence schedule to print ?
º Does your leave hr tool not offer monthly or annual leave planning options ?
º Are your employees obliged to ask you to control their period of absence and the team's vacation ?
º Do you want to replace your excel staff leave planning table ?

A free multi-function leave planning

More than a visual leave planning, JOUROFF offers you a free online leave planning tool, with advanced functionalities.
Among the leave planning options, you will find :

Leave planning date by date
The types of leave to plan, including : paid leave, parental leave, sick leave, special leave...
The name of the employee concerned for the period of absence
The start and end dates, as well as the daily ranges for the start of the leave and the end of the leave
The preview of planned leaves, with navigation by month, quarter or year
The color code used to identify the type of leave in the leave table
Generation of PDF planning to print

How to use the staff leave schedule ?

Definition of the staff leave table

The leave schedule must reflect the actual situation of employee absences.
Upstream of the leave planning, most companies use a separate leave management tool which centralizes employees leave requests.
The vacation tool can be of the following type : leave software or excel leaves table...
Before planning absences in the JOUROFF leave planning, it is important to highlight the periods when employees take leave.
You can for this, consolidate this information in an Excel table.
From there, you will have a clear vision of the periods of absence of each employee, and planning in the online tool will be all the more intuitive.

This staff leave schedule guarantees you a reliability of the days of the year...Better than an excel model of vacation planning to download, this planning tool developed by JOUROFF as an online leave software publisher and absences, simplifies your task thanks to the many features available.
Once the vacation dates have been indicated, the vacation schedule offers you a preview of staff absences.
You can thus download freely, but above all free of charge, the table of leaves and absences of your staff.

Preview of leave planning

The preview of the leave planning makes it possible to ensure that the leave requests of the employees have been respected.
On the one hand there is the adequacy of the periods of leave taken, and on the other, the restitution of the leave situation because the schedule to be printed will probably be shared with the employees...It is therefore important to ensure that leaves by employee have been declared in order to avoid approximations which could mislead employees and complicate HR monitoring.

To this end, the leave schedule offers several navigation options :
º Viewing holidays month by month
º Viewing quarterly absences
º Navigating through the different years to master the vacation periods

Like an online vacation planning software ... It is clear that the functionalities of this staff leave schedule will make you forget the static excel model which requires having to configure the days worked every year.
This is the reason why our team of developers has looked into this subject, in order to offer you an advanced vacation schedule, through a free web interface that does not require any user account creation or registration...all you have to do is download the leave table template pdf file.

Difference between the online leave schedule and the Excel leave table

Leave monitoring remains a sensitive area because it impacts the HR organization of your company.
When a leave period is displayed on the schedule, the employee systematically includes it in his calendar for the next vacation.

The objective of this online leave planning is to make information more reliable, while providing you with a free, ergonomic and intuitive HR tool.
You will thus gain in efficiency because the monthly or annual planning will be automatically generated by respecting the dates and the weeks concerned.
Indeed, you do not need to guess the dates involved in the leave period because the leave planning tool will do it for you.

However, the excel paid vacation planning table retains all its interest, especially if you are required to code advanced formulas of macro excel type.
These Excel formulas allow you to calculate leave balances, at the same time as vacation planning.
However, failing to use the excel leave sheet, it should be noted that JOUROFF offers a panel of free hr tools for planning working hours, or hr type simulator tools to calculate the working time of employees.
These HR tools are directly accessible from the bottom of the JOUROFF website.

How to distribute the leave schedule?

The purpose of a staff leave schedule is to distribute it to employees so that they are aware of it.
This planning tool offers you an export planning functionality in PDF format to print, in order to distribute it within your team.
Among the tools allowing the dissemination of the schedule in the company, there is sharing within your corporate computer network, using a shared space or even through a Google drive type tool.
This is to ensure that each employee can control their period of absence but also to discover the leave schedule for the members of their team.

At the same time, the leave schedule offers a legend composed of color codes according to the types of leave planned.
The leave planning thus gives you visibility on the types of absences, namely : paid leave, paternity leave, maternity leave planning, parental leave, absence from sick leave, special leave, leave planning without pay or other absences to present in the vacation planning.