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Time tracking software for monitoring employees' working time
Summary table of time spent, followed by leave and absences
Management of annualized working hours (modulation)
Time recovery and overtime management
Analytical monitoring of time consumed in the company
Project time management, workload plan and resource management

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Monitoring working time, what are the challenges ?

Long reserved for technology companies with constraints of time monitoring and project resource management, working time monitoring is a strategic subject for any company that wishes to manage its workforce through minisious time management.
The advantage of time tracking software is to place human capital at the center of the company's development issues.
For this, it is necessary to acquire a good activity analysis tool to assess the change in activities over time.
The objective is to control the time consumed in the company in order to better orient the development strategy.

It is important to have a picture of the activities charged in terms of time spent, in order to be able to identify activities with high added value.
For his part, the employee will always have the feeling (and rightly so) of giving 100%...But the question is whether his company entrusts him with the right missions to flourish, but also with a high stake for the business development.
To do this, the answer lies in analyzing data from time and activity management.
Thus, to understand the time spent per activity is to understand the priority axes.
It then becomes easier to orient the choices in the management of human resources.
The purpose of time tracking software, is to help you accomplish this task, without spending too much time coding excel time tracking formulas.

How to choose or compare the best time tracking software ?

Comparing time tracking software isn't easy !
First, you need to determine the maturity level of your time tracking project...
Would you like to conduct a benchmarking-type comparison between several time management software, or is it a simple search to discover the different time tracking software available on the market ?
The online time tracking software comparator provides a list of several publishers.
It will still be necessary to keep in mind that the field of working time management incorporates specificities specific to each company.

Thus, JOUROFF offers a free trial version allowing you to thoroughly evaluate our time tracking could even make a comparison of the different modules we offer.
This allows you to perform extensive testing of working time software, as it is the most efficient way to find the right time management software that 100% meets your needs.
Note that our technical support team will support you, while providing you with good advice in order to find the appropriate time tracking software.

Time tracking in the form of an activity report or HR monitoring ?

A activity report tool is similar to time tracking software, because very often, through activity report we project the entry of hours worked by activity.
The activity report can also be applied in many other fields than that of time tracking...

I-) Management of hours in terms of human resources

1) Should time management integrate the monitoring of leaves and absences ?

Our specialized software Leave Management , makes it possible to effectively monitor the leave indicators, taking into account the technical specificities of each company.
The advantage of managing leave and working time in the same software lies in having access to a general view of employee time management.

2) Working time recovery and payment of overtime

In the same way as the management of leaves and absences, time tracking can also integrate the calculation of overtime...
This is the reason why the choice of a time tracking software must go through an in-depth study phase, which may require the drafting of specifications to ensure that your needs for digitization of working hours.

In terms of Management of overtime , all the hours management rules must be compiled in a monitoring table to highlight the types of employment contracts managed in the company:
Annualized employment contracts or modulation of working time ?
Part-time employees and additional hours ?
Hours recovery via an annual counter
Project time monitoring or activity monitoring

In the case of hours tracking by project , the time tracking software must be able to manage both the activity management component and the human resources component.

3) Should the hour tracker track the time spent ?

A company wishing to set up time tracking must define a time recording formalism which consists of describing the type of information to be collected in the timesheet.
The time management software offered by JOUROFF offers great flexibility insofar as the ergonomics of the timesheet can be adapted to your liking.

The definition of the time entry formalism makes it possible to highlight the business constraints of the company.
Also, the declarative mode of working time is not suitable for the operation of the company...In this case the time tracking software can give way to the implementation of a time clock or badger, in order to list down to the minute the arrival or departure times of each employee.

Finally, a time and activity management project should leave nothing to chance, at the risk of missing out on the real needs of the company.
Keeping a document of expression of needs, or type technical specifications, formalism for entering hours, makes it possible to achieve its objectives.

4) Monitoring of hours in the context of annual working time

Annualization or modulation is a form of working time arrangement in which the hours worked vary according to the seasonality of the company.
As part of the annualization, the counting of hours is done over an annual period, and during these 12 months, the employee is required to work more or less sustained depending on the activity.
It is a system of compensation between weeks of low activity or high activity.
Thus, the hours tracking software is based on the average weekly working time (for example 35h), to determine the weeks in deficit or in surplus over the entire annual period.
The annualization of working time is based on an annualization agreement concluded within the company with the involvement of employee representatives.

To simplify the monitoring of annualized contracts, our team has developed an annualization calculation tool, which simplifies the calculation of hours, starting from the entry of hours through the timesheet, up to the compilation of working hours in an annualization dashboard.
The link opposite allows you to discover our dedicated software Annualization working time .

II-) Project timesheet, time spent summary

Project monitoring is essentially based on the traceability of the time spent !
Indeed, the time consumed can cause a project to derail, in terms of allocated budget or delivery time.
Note that time management by project requires other technical parameters of project monitoring to be taken into account.
Our project time tracking system has three (3) major advantages, namely :
Data modeling, which consists of creating its activity database, depending on the business of the company.
Time entry through an intuitive timesheet
The breakdown of time spent, which consists of analyzing the activity in detail, in multi-criteria mode...This is also called time spent analytical monitoring.

Regarding time tracking by project, we offer a project monitoring tool which saves time and efficiency.

The advantage of our tool is to combine the management of working time and the management of activities.
Our solution responds effectively to the constraints of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have time tracking needs (HR and activities), but not IT enough to subscribe to a license for project management software.
Indeed, the project software that we find on the market, generally concerns the management of IT projects, without real consideration of the dimension of activity management, or human resources, even less the management of leaves and absences.

To simplify the life of SMEs, the JOUROFF time monitoring software reconciles the two aspects of HR & Activity monitoring.

Time tracking and use cases

Our time-tracking approach is adaptable, regardless of your company's time management rules !
You can therefore compose your HRMS according to your needs.
Whether for monitoring activity or automating hourly calculations, monitoring the download of a time spent summary file, the software adapts to several scenarios, including :

Time tracking software to calculate the hours worked per project
Time tracking to calculate the time spent on company activities
Time spent tracking synchronized with the paid vacation module, then export to an excel file
Time monitoring for the calculation of days of absences, parental leave, sick leave...
Management of working time and monitoring of overtime, with application of overtime increase.
Example: hours worked between 35h and 43h increased by 25%, then increased to 50% beyond 43h
Time monitoring and modulation of working hours
Time monitoring as part of the annualization of working time, or implementation of a provisional annualization schedule
Time management for setting up an hour recovery counter.
Example: Employee contract for 35 hours or 39 hours per week with compensatory time off !
Time tracking software for invoicing by customer time spent
Time management and cost tracking indexed to time spent per employee, or per project
Working time management for project management and management of company activities.

If you want to go further in discovering our solution, you can access the free trial version of the working time tracking software.
The online demo is provisioned with test users, for a quick start of the software.
At the same time, you can access the working time simulator tools, referenced at the bottom of this page.
These working hours calculators allow online time entry, followed by a download of the PDF table or Excel file for monitoring working time.