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Software to calculate working hours - how does it work ?

JOUROFF is a working time calculation software that simplifies the monitoring of HR indicators in terms of the management of hours worked.
The advantage of such software is to make it easier for you in your daily HR management.
The employee will only have to declare his working hours through a timesheet, and by defining the parameters upstream, the software is responsible for performing all the hourly calculations automatically.

As an adaptable time management software, JOUROFF is first of all interested in your mode of operation, or even your collective agreement in terms of working time management.
To do this, the first point is to focus on your uses, namely :

1) Is there a culture of entering timesheets in your company today ?

This question is used to determine whether employees are already familiar with time recording or not.

2) Is the calculation of overtime part of your working time digitization project ?

Note that a working time calculation software is not intended to impose work organization rules within your company.
For example, when it comes to the management of overtime, things must be framed through your collective agreement.
As a result, the hours worked calculation tool proposed by JOUROFF, will restore the prerogatives of your labor legislation as closely as possible.
Ultimately, we offer you a working hour calculation software based on an advanced configuration system, the objective being to adapt the working hours software to each company.
As saas hr software, this point is very important because it best fits your situation.

3) Do you want working time or activity tracking software ?

This point is undoubtedly the most important subject at JOUROFF...
The particularity of our hour meter software is to allow both HR working time management and time monitoring by project.
To sum up, JOUROFF is work time or project time !

To do this, our working time calculation approach is intended to be intuitive.
The principle is simple: the modeling of HR data, before time entry.
Thanks to our HR rules setting system, you can adapt the ergonomics of the software to calculate working hours.
For example, if your need concerns HR working time management, the working time tracking software allows you to define :

the frequency of validation or entry of timesheets

the time entry mode, namely the start and end times...or simply the daily hourly volume.
For example, in the 1st case, the employee declares the start time = 8h and end time = 12h...
While in the second case, the working time software offers the possibility of declaring 4 hours worked overall.

calculation of hours worked in day unit or hour unit

the calculation of working time with or without overtime.
In the latter case, the hour counter software will activate an annual counter per employee, in order to trace the overtime acquired as well as the recovery of the hours.

calculation of working hours with or without annualization of working hours
To cover the different cases of working time management, the time tracking tool offers an interface for managing working time modulation.
This is a working time annualization software, which facilitates annualization monitoring.
In this context, you must specify whether in your case the annualization of working time involves recording overtime at the end of the period or whether the recovery of overtime is done during the period.
In all cases, the software calculates the hours worked so as to project them into a summary table of hourly calculations.

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Software to calculate working hours per project

As described previously, our time management tool can be used to calculate both working time and time per project or per activity.
For this, our goal is to better represent your business in order to ensure better consideration of your working time digitization needs.
Therefore, we have come up with an adaptable data model that allows each company to build their activity tracking database.
The goal is to model the hr data before taking an interest in time entry.
This approach makes JOUROFF an application for calculating working hours, while modeling your company's information system.
On arrival, you have a working time calculation interface with the following variations :

software for calculating hours worked per project
software to calculate working hours by activity
software to calculate the hours of leave
application to calculate working hours and absences for RTT, sick leave, etc.
software for calculating overtime and premium Ex. 25% or 50% depending on the case
software for calculating hours worked as part of the working time modulation
software to calculate working hours and annualization of working time
hour meter software according to the weekly working time. Example: 35h, 39h contract and annual thresholds !
working time calculation software for invoicing by time spent
software for calculating working hours for project budget monitoring
working time tracking application for project management. Ex. Time spent, still to be done

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Functionalities of the working time calculation software

HR settings
Application domain
Weekly working time
Management of overtime and calculation of working hours.
The employee fills in his timesheet online, the software is responsible for calculating his working hours taking into account the weekly working time, as well as the overtime threshold defined below.
Overtime threshold
Calculation and increase of overtime
Example of calculation with an employment contract of 35 hours per week:
(1) Hours declared 39 h
> Gross overtime hours Threshold_1 = 39 h - 35 h = 4 h
> Increased overtime = 4 h * 25/100 = 1h
> Total overtime = 4 h + 1 h = 5 h

(2) Hours declared 45 h
> Hours overtime Threshold_1 = 43 h - 35 h = 8 h
> Hours overtime Threshold_2 = 45 h - 43 h = 2 h
That is 10 additional hours gross
> Increased overtime = (8h * 25/100) + (2 * 50/100) = (2h) + (1h) = 3h
> Total overtime = 10h + 3h = 13h
Sunday overtime threshold
If your agreement provides for Sunday work, this parameter automatically calculates the quota of hours worked on Sunday.
Overtime working holiday threshold
Calculation and surcharges due to work on public holidays
Calculation of specific hours
Some collective agreements provide for special treatment of hours worked after a certain hourly threshold.
For example : from the 8th to the 12th hour, the software must calculate the hours worked with an increase according to the conventional increase rate.
Time recovery
Possibility for the employee to request time recovery. The recovery is subject to validation by the HR Manager.
Pay for overtime
Possibility of supplying an annual counter of overtime remuneration type.
At the same time, these hours can be settled at the end of the month and marked as the hourly volume taken into account by the payroll service.
Time entry
Declaration of hours worked according to an hourly entry frequency defined by the HR Manager.
Timesheet validation
Possibility for the Manager to validate the hours sheet in order to activate the calculation of working hours
Number of hours worked per year
As part of the annualization of working time, the number of hours worked per year enables annual indicators to be monitored (hours planned, hours worked, hours remaining to be worked)
Number of days worked per year
Management of employees on a day package. In this case, the working time software makes it possible to monitor the days worked per year, as well as the quota of days off and absences to be taken under the days package.
For example: Number of days worked per year = 218 days, paid leave to be taken = 25 working days, other absences = 10 days.